Up to 30% more volumetric capacity 

The Cavex® 2 hydrocyclone marks a new era in separation technology. Its LIG+™ laminar and chamber design reduces turbulence and allows the hydrocyclone to classify up to 30% more feed slurry, while occupying the same footprint as Cavex® 1 or competitor cyclones. This enhanced performance is unmatched by any known hydrocyclone in operation today.

The positive trials of Cavex® 2 hydrocyclone in various mining applications provides us with the upmost confidence that this is the most powerful hydrocyclone on the market. 



Advanced benefits include: 

  • Additional volumetric capacity up to 30% *size dependent 
  • Less turbulence during the separation process with the LIG+ inlet and chamber design 
  • Enabled with Synertrex® IIoT technology for continual operation at its optimum level 
  • Maximised plant recovery by reducing quantity of misclassified particles with an average improvement of the alpha parameter in excess of 10% 
  • Improvements in bypass with an average of over 15%
  • Measurable water and energy savings
  • Complete customisation for optimal performance 

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