Increase efficiency and reduce CO2?

The answer is Enduron®

We all know HPGR technology exists.

Why hasn’t our industry made the switch to this more sustainable approach?

Save up to 40% in energy consumption

Comminution is the highest energy consumption step in a mine’s process. Your mine could save up to 40% in energy by switching to HPGR technology. Plus, with no grinding media required compared with traditional solutions, you’ll reduce your CO2 by tens of thousands of tonnes annually.

Less water usage

HPGR technology is able to achieve a finer grind without the need for any additional water. Not only does this make HPGR the most sustainable method of comminution, but it also accommodates grinding solutions in extremely arid locations. Less water means more savings, economically and environmentally.

High wear life and high availability

By combining our latest technologies and advanced wear-resistant materials, we deliver custom-made solutions precisely designed to fit your unique requirements. With a durable mechanical design and control philosophy, HPGR offers high machine availability and long wear life.

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Enduron® HPGR technology.

engeco conducted a high-level study into mining energy use and the impact key mineral commodities have on the future.

These are the results.

Comminution is the biggest consumer

Comminution is typically the single biggest user of energy on a mine site. The process of comminution uses up to 1% of total final energy consumption globally. This is the equivalent to the amount of power consumed by 221 million typical UK homes.

It’s time for

Comminution is a natural target for identification of energy savings opportunities able to have the largest impact. As an industry if we adopt new technology and make the switch to alternative methods, such as HPGR technology, we can begin to reduce the effects comminution has on our planet.

The impact of new technology

Small improvements in technologies can lead to relatively large savings in both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, a 5% incremental improvement in energy efficiency across comminution could result in a reduction of more than 30M tonnes of CO2.

Watch this time-lapse video to see how this ø2.4m Enduron® HPGR has been built in our dedicated, state-of-the-art HPGR assembly centre in the Netherlands. Weighing 529 tonnes, the Weir Minerals team built this impressive machine in only 7 weeks. When installed, this HPGR will be processing 101.000 tonnes of gold ore per day. It will reduce energy consumption and boost gold recovery for our customer.

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It is no secret that comminution circuits are the biggest energy consumers in mineral processing plants. As ore bodies are becoming increasingly difficult to process and declining ore grades push the required volumes to stay at acceptable recovery rates, efficient comminution is critical.

With experience across the wider flowsheet, Weir Minerals understands these challenges and this webinar will focus on how to tackle them with our Enduron® HPGR grinding technology.

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  • How Enduron® HPGR improves your grinding circuit and helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Which unique Enduron® features adapt to changing feed conditions
  • How our integrated solutions approach is reducing CO2 and increasing profitability for our customers

Hosted by Bjorn Dierx, Enduron® HPGR Global Product Manager, our global team of dedicated HPGR experts and industry peers will be joining the webinar to answer all your questions during the live, interactive Q&A.

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What makes Enduron® HPGR the most advanced grinding solution?

Advanced skewing technology

Our dynamic skewing technology ensures an even pressure distribution across the entire feed, even during changing conditions, saving energy and reducing wear. Not only does this increase the quality of the end product, but it also allows safe processing of rogue material.

Reliable bearing system

The Enduron HPGR's innovative bearing arrangement remains aligned with the shaft during dynamic skewing and mitigates premature failure. The oil-lubricated, four-row cylindrical roller bearing system eliminates the need for water cooling and avoids bearing contamination.

Superior longer lasting tyres

Enduron® offers a long tyre lifetime due to its superior studded surface made from tungsten carbide material. Tailored studs and edging means there is a solution for every application. Our bespoke Enduron® self-adjusting cheek plates deliver optimal grind and reduce wear in all feed conditions.

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