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The proven, trusted industry leader for unrivalled
performance and innovation – always.

When it comes to specifying your next pump or pump upgrade,
it’s not a question of whether you can afford a Warman® pump,
it’s whether you can afford not to.

Always Trusted

“My fitters have not touched the Warman® MCU® pump for 24 weeks. Instead of 12 pump shutdowns, we now plan two per year.”

Kevin Jones, Mechanical Superintendent, Silver Lake Resources, Randalls Gold Project.

“We used to replace pump liners regularly, and since we installed the WBH® 100 pump, we no longer have pumps on the critical maintenance list. Pump problems are something of the past. My uptime increased overnight. I should have done this long ago.”

Carl Crous, CNC owner.

We continuously improve our existing Warman® pumps with new materials and technology to enhance your operations:

  • R55® rubber for high resistance to tearing and cuts in fine-particle applications.
  • Armachrome® coating technology, and Ultrachrome® and Hyperchrome® white irons to protect your mill circuit pumps.
  • Pre-swirl technology to reduce impact wear caused by large, heavy slurry particles.
  • Our patented CARS (Continuous Air Removal System) technology enables your Warman® froth pump to operate at higher froth volume factors.
Always Innovating
Always Performing

“The power saving collaborates well with Sibelco’s energy saving initiative – and the Warman® MU 150/100 pump has the additional benefits of improved reliability; it’s easier to service; and has reduced motor repairs costs.”

Steve Eddy, Quarry Supervisor, Sibelco.

“The new Warman® froth pump has helped us complete the technology project and achieve maximum benefit from flotation without any restriction due to froth pump performance.”

Olli Pere, Yara Project Manager, Siilinjärvi.

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