The lifeblood of your mine relies on the healthiest of hearts. GEHO pumps all day every day. With Synertrex® real time performance data and unrivalled aftermarket support from the Weir Minerals network, GEHO® pumps have been trusted across the globe for over 100 years.

How healthy is your pump?

If you are not using OEM spare parts or have a preventative maintenance schedule in place, your pump may not be operating as optimally as it could. Get your free pump health assessment here.

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Proven performance

GEHO® pumps have been used for over 100 years. Leading customers globally have relied on them for generations. GEHO® pumps have a proven track record of trust that comes down to one thing, they’ve been pivotal to the success of countless mining operations.

Continual innovation

Weir Minerals’ expert team of engineers in the Netherlands are constantly evolving the design and capabilities of GEHO® pumps. The Synertrex Intelligence Platform and it’s revolutionary technology allows GEHO® pumps to optimise, predict and adapt to the conditions of any mine.

Range of applications

GEHO® pumps can handle slurry concentrations of up to 85% and temperatures exceeding 85ºC. Whether it’s transporting ore, tailings or feeding processes, GEHO® pumps handle the toughest conditions with might.

Always reliable

GEHO® pumps make the most of your mine. With outstanding efficiency of up to 90%, not a single kilowatt of energy goes to waste. And, with availability of 98%, you can bank on GEHO® pumps performing day in, day out.

Sustainable Solutions


Cut energy usage

GEHO® pumps can cut energy usage by up to half. That’s money saved and a more effective long-term operation


Reduce water consumption

GEHO® pumps reduce water consumption by up to a third, meaning lower usage of this critical resource.


Cut carbon emissions

GEHO® pumps can dramatically reduce carbon emissions. That’s a cleaner environment for you and your children for generations to come.

Case Study:

Montana, USA


Case Study:

Yara Siilinjarvi Mine,


Case Study:

Simec Mining,
Whyalla, South Australia


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DH Series

Are you pumping extremely viscous slurries, sludges, paste or backfill with solids up to 90%? View our range of GEHO® hydraulic driven piston pumps.

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T/ZPM Series

Are you pumping abrasive slurries and sludges of medium to high viscosity or corrosive materials at high temperatures? Try a GEHO® crankshaft driven piston diaphragm pump.

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Global but local

Imagine the best minds in the industry combining their knowledge for over 100 years to develop, evolve and continually improve your pump. Weir Minerals makes it a reality and puts the power in the palm of your hands. Whether you’re in Egypt or Australia, Weir Minerals have a local aftersales service team on standby, ensuring your GEHO® pump is monitored, optimised and serviced no matter what.

The Power of Synertrex®

Advanced technologies have revolutionised every digital process on the planet. GEHO® positive displacement pumps are no different. With Synertrex®, monitoring data analytics and optimising maintenance planning has never been easier. With a GEHO® pump there are no surprises, only outstanding performance you can predict, track and monitor, thus reducing downtime, increasing productivity and output.

The GEHO® Heart Initiative

Weir Minerals does the most to ensure every GEHO® pump is the healthiest of hearts. Now, we’re going a step further. Every GEHO® pump sold will come with a defibrillator that you can donate to a hospital or charity of your choice*. With GEHO® pumps beating around the globe, we can look to a future where all hearts are the strongest they can be.

*For each GEHO® pump sold, Weir Minerals Netherlands b.v. (“Weir”) will arrange for delivery of one Philips Heartstart FRx AED defibrillator (subject to availability) to the purchaser’s premises. This offer is subject to availability, and Weir retains the discretion to substitute a different defibrillator. Weir is acting solely as a third party buyer of these defibrillators to facilitate their donation to customers, and does not warrant the performance of these defibrillators. Weir anticipates that each defibrillator delivered will be supported by the manufacturer’s standard product warranty, and the customer should direct any requests in relation to the operation or use of the defibrillators to the defibrillator manufacturer. Weir’s provision of these defibrillators is by way of donation and is not part of, or covered by, the contract between Weir and the customer in relation to the GEHO® pump(s) that are sold to the customer. Insofar as permitted by law, Weir will not in any circumstances be responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury or death arising from the acceptance or use of the defibrillator. Offer ends 31 December 2022, unless terminated earlier by Weir. Contact gehopump@mail.weir for more information.

Free Pump Health Assessment