Weir Minerals launches new Multiflo® MudfloTM submersible pump for large particle handling

Engineered for abrasive applications and large particle handling, the Multiflo® MudfloTM pump features a hydraulically driven wet-end specifically designed to efficiently and safely reprocess and relocate tailings ponds, maintain water retention dams and manage slimes and sludge ponds.

About the Multiflo® MudfloTM

The Multiflo® Mudflo™ submersible dredge pump features a hydraulically driven wet-end especially engineered to provide efficient pumping of highly charged and abrasive slurries. A combination of Weir Minerals' Ultrachrome® A05 chrome alloy casting for high wear resistance, and a suction strainer to prevent excessively large particles clogging the pump, ensures high levels of uptime. The Mudflo™ 200 pump is capable of pumping between 150 and 1,200m3/h, up to 82m head.

The Multiflo® CB32 cutters are fitted with ESCO® teeth that utilise the two-piece Ultralok® tooth system to prevent premature breakage, avoid tooth loss and protect the integral locking system to ensure continuous operation of the pump.

The Multiflo® MudfloTM pump is suitable for multiple dredging applications including;

  • Tailings storage facility management
  • Harbour and marine maintenance
  • Sand and gravel mining
  • Maintenance of water storage capacity in retention ponds
  • Slimes removal from sludge ponds
  • Land reclamation

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